How We Grow New Companies at The StartupVC?

The StartupVC follows a business organizational structure that is relatively new and uncommon in the world of entrepreneurship. To grow new companies as a venture/company builder, it focuses on generating new ideas and cultivating them into successful businesses. Taking internal ideas, resources, and finances, venture builders like The StartupVC create a family of startups. Each startup has its own unique name, practice, logo, and even clientele base. However, they are all operating under the leadership, resources, and teamwork of the parent company, like The StartupVC.

The process to grow new companies from scratch is a calculated, outlined, and proven step-by-step agenda. For better insight into how The StartupVC can successfully grow new companies, a comprehensive overview can be found below. Each step has a detailed overview of what happens, why it happens, and how it happens. At the end of the process, each idea is sure to be a success.

How to grow new companies

1.  Recruiting talent to grow new companies

As with any project or goal, its success and strength will only be as great as the team of people working on it. The same applies in business and efforts to grow new companies. The StartupVC begins its process of new company growth by actively recruiting the best talent to support it. While this is the first step, it is also one of the most important. Recruiting a team to essentially form a startup is no easy task. Each individual must have a unique skillset that will be valuable to the team and the goal, while also having an entrepreneurial mindset and spirit. This second component is so crucial because forming a startup is no easy task. Even when working under the guidance, resources, and ideas of a parent company, the team still has to be successful in launching and growing the new company.

To successfully grow new companies you need a capable reliable team. The StartupVC looks for the most talented and most promising individuals to join its team.

The StartupVC recruits the best talent for its team through its website. To best grow new companies, The StartupVC looks for key qualities in all its recruits. Specifically, an ideal candidate is hardworking, dedicated, loyal, and thinks outside the box. Moreover, individuals that measure their own success by results are sought after because they hold themselves accountable. Finally, The StartupVC looks for team members that are determined and will accept nothing but success, working tirelessly until it is achieved. These qualities best equip any individual with the means to successfully grow new companies at The StartupVC. As for the individual, a career with a company builder is a great way to start and/or continue to build a career.

2. Develop plans

Once a reliable, competent team comes together, next comes the idea generation. This phase encourages team members to think outside the box and develop business plans and models for ideas serving a new or underserved market. Typically, The StartupVC focuses its in-house efforts and resources on the B2B services sector. Thus, most ideas to grow new companies will stem from this sector. The team works towards developing an efficient, ideal business plan for the soon-to-be company.

Brainstorming, synergy, and communication between the team are key components of this phase. The best ideas will come from a combined effort from the team. Once a series of business plans and models are in place, the team can move forward with the approval process.

3. Select and approve

The StartupVC Advisory Board and its founder, Craig Dempsey, will carefully review and analyze all progress made up to this point and any plans or proposals to move forward. These plans and proposals include the ideas and business models the team generated in the previous phase. Given the finite access to time, money, teams, and other resources, not all projects and plans can come to fruition. Craig and the Advisory Board will strategically elect which business plans have the most promise and move them forward to the next stages.

a woman discussing about notes to grow new companies
Craig and the Advisory Board highlight the most promising campaigns for new ventures and fund their next stages.

The previous approval process is difficult, meticulous, and rigorous for good reason. The step immediately following approval is the actual founding of the new companies. Any unfit or poorly planned ideas or models that would otherwise slip through the approval process cracks would experience harsh and quick failure. To best avoid wasting resources and time, many ideas are sent back to the drawing board. Only a handful are chosen to move forward.

4. Founding of new companies

The founding of the new companies occurs immediately after the plans and models are approved by Craig and the Advisory Board. In this stage, the founding happens through The StartupVC. They then receive funds, which consist of The StartupVC’s monetary and non-monetary resources. With these resources, they can then officially establish themselves as a StartupVC company operating in a specific, niche capacity. This step is important because it lays the official foundation for the future of the startup. The initial launch can say a lot about the foreseeable future and the success a venture will have.

5. Grow new companies

After the launching and founding of the venture, The StartupVC team works to build it up. Taking a venture to market and building it is much of what the teams at The StartupVC focus their energy and efforts on. Thanks to a vast network and years of experience, Craig and the Advisory Board has the tools necessary to make building a venture possible. Industry leaders, streamlined processes, unparalleled experience and expertise fuel new company growth and speed it up. Moreover, since The StartupVC uses internal resources for all of its ventures, teams work cross-functionally along different projects and ventures. This creates a synergy between projects and companies, which then encourages growth and idea generation on all accounts.

Building up new companies has been a phase in which The StartupVC and its team has experienced great success. Already, there are three successful, growing ventures in The StartupVC portfolio. With the right team, ideas, business plans, and determination, opportunities to grow new companies will come nonstop.

6. Expand

several people working on computers to grow new companies
The StartupVC and its team continue to foster growth and expansion of ventures by encouraging national and regional market growth.

Venture growth does not have a finish line. The StartupVC, its teams, and its founder, work tirelessly to ensure growth of each venture is exponential and does not plateau. Part of continued growth includes scaling and expanding the ventures across the region. The final stage of the process to grow new companies at The StartupVC is this concept of expansion. Reaching new markets, making new connections, and serving new clients fosters the “continuous growth” mindset within the venture and the overarching company. Continued expansion and growth will lead each venture, and The StartupVC, to be industry leaders and successful entrepreneurial examples.

Dive deeper into the process

The StartupVC has a methodical approach to transforming ideas into successful business ventures, and therefore grow companies. For a deeper understanding of the process, the industries, and the practices The StartupVC works with, keep up with the B2B Startup News. For real time updates about new content, information, and posts, follow The StartupVC on LinkedInFacebookInstagram, and Twitter. The business of venture building and entrepreneurial endeavors is bright, and The StartupVC is leading the charge towards innovation, invention, and success.

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