Why Start Your Career at a Venture / Company Builder?

Whether it’s a first job or pursuing a new line of work, starting a career can be overwhelming. With so many industries, positions, and companies to navigate, ensuring you found the right fit can be difficult. However, if you have the right attributes and an entrepreneurial spirit, there might be one track for you that is certainly better than the rest. Pursuing your career with a venture / company builder could be the step that takes you, your skills, and your professional experience to the next level. Below, The StartupVC helps outline the distinct benefits of working for a company builder and how to be successful.

What is a company builder?

A company builder pools its human and financial capital and uses it to create subsequent ventures.

Before pursuing any line of work, its best to be familiar with the industry, leading companies and brands, and the ins and outs of day-to-day jobs. A company builder takes in-house ideas for companies and uses its own resources to bring them to life. The parent company then brings on new team members to help with the individual operations of the new company. After the initial launch happens, the company operates as its own entity. However, the company builder continues to support the business both financially and in terms of internal operations like accounting, marketing, human resources, etc. Moreover, while the business operates somewhat independently on a day-to-day basis from its parent, the company builder still has a say in managing decisions.

Benefits of working at a company builder

With a comprehensive understanding of how a company builder works, you are well-equipped to dive into the benefits of working for one. There are many different positive aspects of working for a company builder. Depending on your personality, past job experiences, and raw talent and passion, these benefits might just be the icing on the cake for you when pursuing a career in this field.

Proven success

One of the biggest benefits of starting a career with a company builder is the sense of security and success. Company builders have already proven their business savviness through the many operations and companies they already launched. This reputation for success precedes the company builders and makes them attractive to experienced professionals. Successful venture builders use their continued success and profits to further add to their portfolios. Thus, the success of the company, and of your career, grow exponentially over time.

Endless backing, support, and resources

Working for a company builder means you will have guaranteed access to support and resources crucial for the subsequent company’s success. This eliminates the guess work involved in setting up back-office logistics of a company. With those worries and time-consuming tasks out of the way, you have more time to focus on what really matters: the actual operations of the business. Moreover, this eliminates much of the risk associated with allocating resources, time, and energy to matters not directly related to operations.

Synergetic teams and increasing operations

Synergetic teams are better at coming up with new ideas and solving problems. They also make the workplace more dynamic and interesting.

Company builders are a revolving door of work and new and dynamic projects. Juggling multiple operations and multiple companies makes for a dynamic workspace, lively workday, and a continuous stream of learning. This then allows you to take strategies, ideas, and changes over to the other startups in the company builder’s portfolio. Synergetic flow between ideas and operations of the companies often times greatly helps the success of each one individually. This also strengthens any professional bonds between teams within the company builder. Cross-functional operations and idea generation become commonplace within the parent company.

A taste of entrepreneurship

A mentioned earlier, company builders have proven success. Their portfolios of successful businesses speak for themselves. Working for a company builder gives you a sense of security and trust that you have a team and resources to fall back on. At the same time, it also gives you a sense of entrepreneurship and professional independence. Essentially, you are running a business and making crucial management decisions on your own. You have the support of your team and the backing of the company builder, but it is, to an extent, a comfortable taste of the day-to-day life of an entrepreneur. From there, you can see if you really have what it takes to be successful in the field.

How to be successful working for a company builder?

With so many attractive reasons for working for a company builder, you’re probably ready to get started. But how can you ensure success in this particular field? There are certain habits and things to keep in mind when working for a venture builder that will help you be successful.

Be sure you can juggle multiple ideas and a team of people with diverse talent and ways of thinking.

Firstly, it’s important to be able to work in an environment where lots of ideas, opinions, and strategies are being tossed around. Communication and engaging of ideas are greatly important to the success of a company builder and its subsequent entities. Absorbing and navigating the constant stream of different ideas, and adding to it, will make you a successful leader in the organization. Moreover, if you can effectively include and integrate seemingly different ideas and strategies in an effective manner, team synergy will develop.

Also, be sure not to get too overwhelmed by cross-functional operations. Multitasking and juggling different projects and thoughts at once deals a huge advantage to those who can do it effectively.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, working for a company builder is a more secure version of entrepreneurship. While you still have the backing, support, and resources of the parent company, don’t get complacent. Entrepreneurship is all about endless hard work, grit, thinking outside the box, and dedication. Use the safety net as motivation to focus on the venture at hand and take it new and creative places. Develop new ideas, strategies, and practices for the venture to implement. If they don’t work, you have that safety net. The main focus is to not lay down and be complacent. Be daring and intentional when managing any venture.

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