Are you entrepreneurial? Want to do something that matters?

Who We Look For

Just a few of the qualities that we look for in new team members


dedicated & loyal


Someone who can
think outside of the box


A person who measures
themselves by results

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Someone who accepts
nothing but success

What We Offer

Fast paced and Entrepreneurial working environment

Opportunity to learn
and develop

Opportunity to grow and to reach your financial aspirations

Our Vacancies

Position: Administrator & Marketing Coordinator

Location: Bogotá, Colombia


  • To manage day to day operations of the company
  • To administer company operations
  • To lead on the promotion and marketing of The Startup VC
  • To create and publish content for The Startup VC website in English / Spanish
  • To manage the social media accounts of the company
  • To find and screen potential new startup founders
  • To represent the company and to attend startup / promotional events
  • To complete other tasks as needed


  • Bi-Lingual (English / Spanish)
  • Degree Educated
  • Out-Going
  • Welcoming personality
  • Good Writing Skills
  • Online Marketing & Social Media Experience
  • Good Administration Skills
  • Hard-Working & Loyal
  • Someone who can multi-task and is flexible, and can manage tight deadlines

Remuneration: Up to COP$3.5M

Position: New Startup Founders

Location: Bogotá, Colombia


  • To review and confirm the B2B market opportunity
  • To develop the business plan
  • To present the business plan for review
  • To implement the business plan under supervision
  • To manage and lead company operations
  • To sell the company products and/or services
  • To be accountable for the company profit / loss
  • To represent the company and to attend startup / promotional events


  • Successful startup or corporate experience
  • Must be results driven
  • Bi-lingual (English / Spanish)
  • Degree educated
  • Confident
  • Good writing skills
  • Marketing and/or sales experience
  • Experience leading teams
  • Good administration skills and very good with numbers
  • Very hard-working & loyal
  • Someone who can multi-task and is flexible (and can manage tight deadlines)
  • Online marketing experience is desirable

Our Founders are the best at what they do and they come from both entrepreneurial and corporate worlds, but all know that succeeding in entrepreneurship is not just about having a great idea, being also being able to sell that idea and a lot of hard work.

Remuneration: All our Founders come with a big risk appetite. Yes, it will be hard and salaries will be modest, but bonuses and other rewards will be generous and more than make it worthwhile for the short and long term.

The StartupVC's Values



We are honest and we treat others with respect


Hard Working

We are committed, focused, loyal and dedicated


Get it done

We will always find a way and we make things happen


Money Matters

Money is important and we are focused on making it