Founding and building scalable and profitable
B2B Service Companies

How we build companies?

1. Recruit

A company is only as good as its team and we strive to find the best and brightest talent

2. Develop

Our teams will review and develop robust business plans for new companies within the B2B space

3. Select

Craig and the Advisory Board will review all project plans and select which must progress

4. Found

The new companies are founded, funded and established

5. Build

Companies are then launched, taken to market and grown

6. Expand

Companies are then scaled and expanded across the Region

The StartupVC has developed an entrepreneurial methodology for identifying opportunity,
planning, implementing and then scaling B2B service companies

Craig Dempsey, Founder of The StartupVC

Words from our
Founder & CEO

We take raw human talent, develop it, nurture it and focus it towards building new companies that can operate and scale within the B2B business environment.

Craig Dempsey, StartupVC Founder & CEO

Our Portfolio Companies

Learn more about the success and growth of our companies

Biz Latin Hub

Biz latin hub is the leading provider of Market Entry and Back Office Services in Latin America, Australia and New Zealand

Green Gem Investments​

Green Gem Investments is an emerging Emerald mining and exploration company

green grow investments

Green Grow Investments​

Medical cannabis company focused on the development of cannabis projects in Colombia

Biz Online Marketing​

Market leading provider of online PR, personal branding, promotional videos and logo design services

The StartupVC's Values



We are honest and we treat others with respect


Hard Working

We are committed, focused, loyal and dedicated


Get it done

We will always find a way and we make things happen


Money Matters

Money is important and we are focused on making it


What is B2B?

It simply means "business to business", which refers to companies focused on selling products and/or services to other businesses rather than to consumers


What is a B2B Service Company?

It simply means "business to business", which refers to companies focused on selling products and/or services to other businesses rather than to consumers


Are you entrepreneurial? Want to do something that matters?


We are The Leading Company Builder and Recognized by


The StartupVC is committed and well positioned to being the best, largest and most successful company builder in the region for B2B service companies

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