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10 Tips for Entrepreneurs Doing Business in Colombia

Becoming an entrepreneur in Colombia, and Latin America in general, is growing in popularity and attractiveness. With a GDP of $331 billion, Colombia’s economy ...

Overview of Entrepreneurship in Colombia

Entrepreneurship in Colombia is a thriving sector in the country, captivating the hearts, minds, and spirits of many ambitious, business-minded people. To date, Colombia ...

Business Tips for Startups in Latin America

Now more than ever, eager entrepreneurs are setting their sights on Latin America as home for their startup business. The region has developed both ...

Overview of Startups in Colombia

In recent years, Colombia has transformed itself into a startup hub for Latin American, and international, entrepreneurs. With a complicated political and economic history, ...

What is a Company/Venture Builder? And How Does It Work?

“Tech studios.” “Startup factories.” “Venture production studios.” There are countless ways to refer to what is the backbone business model of The StartupVC. As ...
Craig Dempsey. The StartupVC

Meet Craig Dempsey: Entrepreneur & Founder of The StartupVC

The StartupVC is just one of many hats that CEO Craig Dempsey wears as a successful entrepreneur in Latin America. Driven by the thrill ...

Overview of the B2B Services Sector in Latin America

Latin America is steadily becoming a global economic powerhouse, with opportunity presenting itself throughout the region in a handful of different sectors and industries. ...

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